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The Expanding LAUDON Family

This really is the blog entry I was going to write when circumstances, briefly, intervened and led to the previous two entries (all about daughters named "Aurelie").

Finding the information about Bernhard LAUDON in the Jewish community records of Rosenberg, West Prussia (care of the LDS microfilm archive (film no. 1198521)), I was eager to get back to those records to see if there might be other LAUDONs marrying, birthing or dying.  And it paid off.

I found two new siblings of my great great grandmother Henriette JACOBSOHN geb. LAUDON (ca.1827-1873), and Johanna, Bernhard and Isidor:
  • Sara LAUDON ( married Heinrich LOEWENSON in Rosenberg in 1867; and
  • Helene LAUDON ( married Adolph BLUM of Elbing in Rosenberg in 1868.
There was also information about Johanna's and Bernhard's marriage:
  • Johanna LAUDON (b.1838) married Lippmann HEILBRONN in Rosenberg in 1861.
  • Bernhard LAUDON ( married Ottilie FREYMUTH in Rosenberg in 1870.
In Elbing marriages (LDS film no. 742026), there were details about Isidor's marriage:
  • Isidor LAUDON (b.1834) married Franziska LEHMANN (not CUHMANN, as I had previously misread) in Elbing in 1870.
Just for completeness, from the original JACOBSOHN Stammbaum and research notes:
  • Henriette LAUDON ( married Widder (Victor Moses) JACOBSOHN in Liebstadt in 1854.
The new marriage information for Johanna, Sara and Helene contained the information that their father was Abraham, nicely linking everyone (except Bernhard for whom the information is still only circumstantial (name, date, place)).

Learning about Sara was a very satifying development, since it provided the first concrete information in support of cousin Inge's comment that her aunt Gertrud WEINBERG had married a cousin Louis LOEWENSON.  And it also contributed to figuring out who the other Gertrud LOEWENSON was who had submitted Pages of Testimony in memory of her aunt and uncle Arthur HEILBRONN and Gertrud HEILBRONN geb. LAUDON.

As it turns out, Heinrich LOEWENSON and Sara LAUDON had at least 3 sons:  Max, Alfred and Louis.  Louis, we already know.  He married Gertrud WEINBERG.  Alfred, it turns out, married his cousin Gertrud HEILBRONN,   They and Max were deported from Königsberg to Theresienstadt, where Alfred and Max died.  Gertrud survived, made Aliyah, and submitted Pages of Testimony in 1957 when she was living in Ramat Chen.

Gertrud LOEWENSON geb. HEILBRONN (b.1884) was almost certainly the daughter of Julius (Josef) HEILBRONN(b.1862), the oldest child of Lippmann (Ludwig) HEILBRONN and Johanna LAUDON.  Julius is the only son of Lippmann and Johanna who would have been old enough to have a daughter in 1884; his brothers Arthur and Siegfried were born in 1865 and 1867, respectively.

Lastly (leaving out a few details), there was a death entry for Abraham LAUDON from 27 July 1854, consistent with the information that he (and Rahel) were no longer alive when Johanna married in 1861.

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